The Mirage Is The Portal

Album by SkyYAMAHA: Neocities.

The album you are about to embark on is not just an album. It also has a companion digital story book full of renders. I created each render to accompanying each track, along side with a poem. All renders and poetry were created in a late night fury of caffeine and other emotions

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Special thanks to Pretam, my parents, Storm, Schoki, Gia, Daniel, Amelia, Dani, Lauren, Sara, Jess, Alpha Chrome Yayo, Binaural Space, Nam Tam, Gab, Cel Shade, Z.E.R.O., default.cfg, Angel, Vylter, DataGirl, Eventual Infinity, ByteMapper, Gearwashere, TropicalVirtual, bParallax, GLDC, Donor Lens, Zera, SoulCraft, Mulletovich, Q, Aerostar, Android, Andrew Price (Blender Guru)

In loving memory of Erica